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West Village Pedodontist

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It seems as if barely any time passes between the birth of your child and your baby’s first teeth erupting. It all seems so rapid. And that’s all the more reason to be sure that you bring her or him in to see us at West Village Pediatric Dentistry. Getting a head start on oral health is a very good idea.

Actually, you can and should start on good oral habits even before the appearance of teeth. Wipe your baby’s gums after feedings. Use a soft sanitary cloth with a little warm water to moisten it, making certain you are gentle but firm in the application of it. In most cases, that first tooth will make its way into view by age four to seven months. Soon enough, your baby will be able to chew his or her food. When you come in, our West Village pedodontist will conduct an initial examination; one of many to follow, with the optimal time frame being every six months. In addition to helping your child on the way to taking care of her or his own teeth properly, another thing you can expect is guidance in the form of tips regarding subjects such as how to manage teething, proper brushing and flossing technique, and when to start using toothpaste and how much should be used. Nutrition plays a key role in strong teeth and healthy gums, too. Our West Village pedodontist will provide advice on that, as well. Baby teeth may only be temporary, but they have an important job to do, not only in eating solid food, but in speech development. So they should be treated with the importance they represent.

We look forward to seeing you and your baby. Contact our office now to set up an appointment with our West Village pedodontist.

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