West Village Pediatric Dentist

West Village Pediatric Dentist

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West Village Pediatric Dentist
West Village Pediatric Dentist

Preventive care is the top priority here at West Village Pediatric Dentistry . It’s far better to keep tooth decay from occurring, rather than having to treat it after the face. One tooth decay occurs, there is the risk of toothaches, infections, and early loss of baby teeth. Our West Village pediatric dentist recommends a comprehensive strategy and dental sealants is a big part of it.

The first line of defense in the battle against tooth decay and the resulting cavities is good nutrition. Sugar is fuel for the formation of dental plaque, the filmy bacteria that is the primary cause of decay. Sugar is obvious in some things, like cookies and candy, but less obvious in condiments such as ketchup. Even 100% fruit juice is still loaded with sugar. Keep a close watch on how much sugar your child consumes, and make sure that he or she brushes effectively. Our West Village pediatric dentist will show her or him the best way to brush and floss so that most of the plaque is removed as a result. Plaque is sticky and sneaky, though, hiding out of reach, where it then turns into hardened tartar. Unfortunately, there is no way to efficiently eliminate tartar with at-home oral hygiene. For that reason, you need to bring your child in for a visit to see our West Village pediatric dentist twice per year for a teeth cleaning. Where dental sealants come in is that they form a barrier against the effects of plaque and tartar, making cavities less likely to occur. Sealants are liquid plastic that is painted on your child’s teeth and then hardened. Typically, it is the back teeth that get them, and the sealant finds its way into the grooves and depressions where it’s hard for brushing and flossing to reach.

Why not call us today and set up an appointment for your child to come in for a teeth cleaning and application of dental sealants?

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