Pediatric dentist in the West Village

Pediatric Dentist in the West Village

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Dentist office in the West Village

Don’t trust just any dental practice when it comes to the oral wellness of your child. Here at West Village Pediatric Dentistry, we’re specialists, with the experience to make you confident in the care your child receives here. We don’t just dabble. We do this full time, with a range of services focused on prevention and results.

As soon as your child’s first baby teeth begin to erupt, you should bring him or her in to see our pediatric dentist in the West Village. Being proactive is the best way to keep her or him free of cavities and gum disease to the greatest extent possible. In addition, we are dedicated to stress free and gentle treatments. The attitudes that your child has when he or she grows up are going to be traced back to these formative experiences, so our pediatric dentist in the West Village works hard to ensure that those experiences are positive ones in a relaxed environment. Prevention starts with twice-yearly visits to our office for a complete examination and a teeth cleaning. If any cavities are detected, they should be filled promptly so that a toothache or early tooth loss are not likely to occur. Teeth cleanings eliminate tartar buildup and reverse the effects of early stage gum disease. Further prevention is available through fluoride treatments and dental sealants, adding a vital extra layer of cavity protection. And we even offer unique services like interceptive orthodontics. This refers to braces and other appropriate methods, like space maintainers, to promote optimal alignment of your child’s teeth before reaching adolescence. Beyond routine and scheduled care, though, you can also trust in our office for emergency treatment when necessary.

Get started on the best possible care by scheduling an appointment with us to come in and see our pediatric dentist in the West Village.

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