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Pediatric dental decay in 10014

There isn’t any doubt that you and your child are relieved to find out that she or he has no cavities when coming in for a six month dental exam. And while 100% elimination of cavities may not be possible, if you follow some simple guidelines, we at West Village Pediatric Dentistry can assure you that it is indeed possible to make cavities an infrequent occurrence. It all starts with understanding the causes and prevention of pediatric dental decay.

Dental plaque is the film-like bacterial substance that is the source of dental decay and cavities. The catalyst for it is sugar. Most kids love sugar, but you can still do your best to limit the amount he or she consumes. Try to include sweet treats as part of meals, and then have your child brush her or his teeth right afterward. Doing so will do quite a lot to mitigate the effects of dental plaque on your child’s teeth. Our 10014 pediatric dentist recommends that your child brush his or her teeth upon waking and before bed, as well. Flossing thoroughly should also be done at bedtime. Tartar buildup happens when plaque that is not removed during brushing and flossing turns crusty and becomes hardened. In that form, it’s not possible to remove it with home oral hygiene methods. Our 10014 pediatric dentist can do so, however. A professional teeth cleaning serves to eradicate tartar, and in the process make new decay and cavities less likely. And for added prevention, take advantage of our sealants and fluoride treatments. They provide greater protection against the ravages of dental plaque and tartar.

Working as a team, you and our 10014 pediatric dentist can put the brakes on dental decay, and promote a healthier set of teeth for your child. Please contact our office to set up an appointment.

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